Why is a Massage Gun Worth the Money?

More and more brands of massage guns, also known as vibration/percussive therapy massagers are hitting the market, but consumers question why spend the money when there are much cheaper massagers available. A massage gun is a tool that you hold like a gun and move the vibrating head over different muscles to increase blood flow to that area, which releases the tightness in that muscle. It's like a power drill for your muscles.

Previously foam rollers were the most recommended tool for self massage and breaking up scar tissue. However, the cylinder shape of a foam roller limits the access to certain areas of the body. Also, you cannot increase or decrease the power applied to your body like you can with a massage gun. Studies actually prove that a massage gun can restore and improve muscular functionality, which means the massage gun has benefits beyond the athlete, but also for the stroke patient, people with muscle degeneration, post-surgery patients, and really all people who actively use their body. The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research published a study that used healthy female non-athletic subjects to see if the massage gun made a difference in their muscle soreness (pain perception), Range of Motion (ROM), Maximum Isometric Force (MIF), Repetition maximum (RM), Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and Cretain Kinase (CK) level when used 15 minutes before eccentric exercise. They tested the girls against a control group who did not use the massage gun. In the results, the group who used the massage gun showed significantly less muscle soreness and LDH levels after 48 hours post exercise. Specifically the massage gun reduced lactic acid levels, where regular massage did not.

Overall, the price for a massage gun is a small investment in your body compared to paying for regular massages or encountering injuries during workout or just in daily life.  

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