Top 7 Fitness Essentials to Workout at Home According to the Pros

Tired of seeing that monthly gym bill leave your account knowing you had no way to make it to the gym everyday of the week? Wondering if there is a way to get just as effective a workout at home  for less? Good news, there is a way to get that effective workout in at home that saves you time and money. We caught up with some of our favorite professional athletes from Lebron to Serena to see what they do and use off the field and after practice. Here is what we discovered.

1. LeBron James, NBA Player, Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron who we know as a 6-foot-8 250 lb. athletic superstar credits much of his success to yoga for his mental and physical performance. He has been often spotted practicing yoga techniques on the sideline and after practice on his mat, as well as leading yoga sessions. He has been quoted multiple times over his uber successful basketball career about how yoga contributes to his overall success. James stated to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, "Yoga isn't just about the body, it's also about the mind and it's a technique that has really helped me. You do have to focus because there's some positions that can really hurt you at times if you aren't focused and breathing right." Pictured here, he can be  seen with Stretching Assistance Bands to help hold his yoga pose and get a deeper hamstring stretch. He has also been known to use Stability Balance Discs in his pregame for neuromuscular firing and leg strengthening.



2. Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback, New England Patriots

Tom Brady, who we know as one of the greatest active NFL players as well as one of the oldest players in NFL history, attributes his longevity to "pliable muscles" achieved through exercises with Stretching Assistance Bands and Resistance Training Bands. Instead of focusing on solely strength, he believes the more flexible the muscles, the faster they recover from wear and tear. While hard, dense muscles react very negatively to muscle tears and heal very slowly, soft muscle tissue repairs much faster. In fact, Brady has developed what he calls the "TB12 Method"  that prioritizes a no load strength training regime.


3. Sara Sigmundsdottir, Icelandic Weight Lifter and CrossFit Champion

A natural talent, Sara knows the only way to improve and maintain her abilities is to dedicate time to her body. She insists, "It's more important you take care of your body." She is seen here rolling out her leg muscles on a Vibrating Foam Roller. Weightlifting and cross fit exercises tighten the muscles and the foam roller works  to break the tension down out of the muscles. 


OBJ using speed ladder for training

4. Odell Beckham Jr., NFL Wide Receiver, Cleveland Browns

Odell Beckham Jr., or OBJ, has astounded the world with his quick feet and incredible one-handed catches while staring heavy defenders down. Not to mention his dance moves in the end zone. For someone who has already set records in football and guarantees to be included in the Hall of Fame, he credits training with High Speed Training Ladders for his fancy quick footwork on the field. Jamal Liggins, one of Beckham's trainers, added, "He's running through the ladders at full speed. He's not just going through the motions." Beckham puts game day effort into his training in order to guarantee his  performance on game day. 


5. Serena Williams, Professional Tennis Champion

Record setting tennis champ Serena  Williams, who has flipped the tennis world upside down from her skills to her fashion, doesn't just practice playing tennis. In order to be this explosive and dynamic she knows she must put in the extra core, stability, and rehabilitative work to stay on top. Serena even admitted she doesn't love working out. She tells Star magazine, "I hate working out more than anything, but I have to—when I’m running, I think about how much I want to win. That’s the only thing that keeps me going." What specifically helps her win, besides her drive, is core and stability exercises using a med ball.  


 herschel  walker push up routine

6. Herschel Walker, Hall of Fame Football Player

Herschel Walker, known for stampeding down the football field for the Dallas Cowboys, explained in his 1980's book, Basic Training, his unique bodyweight routine that shaped his unbelievable success and physique. The core of his workout focuses on push ups and sit ups, so much so that he did 2000-3000 everyday with all different variations. Pictured above are just some of the different push up styles Walker would implement. Now we have push up boards that give you 9 different variations by just moving your hand position. 


7. Ronda Rousey, UFC Champion

Ronda Rousey, the butt kicking female UFC Fighter, trains just as hard as she fights. Her trainer details the why behind her training, "When you're learning how to throw a punch, you're throwing it with your whole body--your hips, your shoulders, your core is tight...You're engaging maximum focus, maximum speed, maximum power." Photographed for Oxygen Mag, Rousey demonstrates a squat and press routine on a Stability Balance Disc. Her  focus is on strength, stability, and toning rather than bulk in order to pack the most power in her body.

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